Site Update: I Fixed It!

December 17th, 2009 by Potato

I put a movie on in the background and just spent an hour and a half going through the last year’s worth of posts correcting the relative links. I figure anything older than that and it won’t really matter that much anyway. It was a little dull, but nowhere near as taxing as the initial adjustment of trying to figure out how to get the MySQL database working.

Things are pretty smooth now, so I think I’m going to point to the DreamHost version now. The plan is to run both in parallel for a while, then start shutting down the self-hosted version for most of the time to save power (though if I keep copying my posts to the self-hosted version, it’s there as a backup in case anything happens to DreamHost, or I decide to leave them, so it won’t go away completely). I know I’ve only been doing this in the middle of the night, but a shared space on DreamHost’s server is about 10X faster than my ancient yet dedicated server!

There’s still work to be done: I’ve lost my ability to upload pictures via the WordPress interface due to a permissions problem (there’s still FTP, but it’s a little more awkward when in the middle of composing, especially when on the road). The search function has never worked right (the first page of results come up ok, but after that the string passed to the URL is wrong and I don’t know where in the php to fix that). I’m sure there are more things on my to do list, and more moving hiccups that will crop up along the way, but none of them seem to be impinging on the core capabilities of me writing and you reading.

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