Peter Watts and the US Border Guard

March 23rd, 2010 by Potato

Peter Watts was found guilty for obstructing an officer. All he did was get out of his car during a search and ask what the problem was. For that he was beaten, maced, and to add insult to injury, sent back to Canada in December without his winter jacket. As if all that wasn’t punishment enough, a court has now also convicted him for obstructing an officer — a crime that can apply to such heinous acts as questioning an officer, or not complying with an order quickly enough (and here noncompliance can include asking “why?” when an officer orders you to the freezing pavement in December).

There was some half-joking talk here of boycotting some travel to the US because of how crazy the border had become. Now the next time we have a conference in the states, I think it will be a serious consideration.

American border guard: get your heads out of your asses.

One Response to “Peter Watts and the US Border Guard”

  1. guinness416 Says:

    Nothing I’ve met comes close to US land border guards for aggravation, stupidity and sheer malice. At least the airport guards know they have to get you through somewhat on time to catch flights, the land ones can toy with you at will. The last one I had to deal with wanted to dig through all the items in my wallet for no real reason. Been following this story for a little while; the way Watts was treated by these wannabe-real-cops is disgusting and truly maddening.