Tater’s Takes

April 19th, 2010 by Potato

This week was better for the working out.

I started off by hitting all my basic exercises on saturday, then went shopping, then went in to work, then briefly went out for a friend’s birthday party, then went for a long walk afterwards. It was probably 8-10 km of walking all day, but just over 6 km at the end all in one go. I was even on such a walking roll that I walked right by my house :)

Unfortunately part of that shopping trip involved discovering roasted soy bean snacks, which are good in the sense that they have good stuff in them like lots of protein and some fibre, but are bad because they still have a fair bit of fat (less than peanuts, but that’s not saying too much) and are very calorie dense. Plus, you know, creme eggs. So diet not so good this week, either.

Sunday I was at work so I did next to nothing.

Monday I got the bike out for a nice 7 km ride. I stopped in the park by the river and saw some ducks fighting, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. I always thought ducks were nice and hilarious (hehehe, they wiggle their bums when they’re happy and go quackwackwackwackwack), so I thought Marshall was out of line when he said “Have you ever been in a fight with a duck? Ducks are jerks.” And yes, they were jerks. This one duck jumped up and stood on the other duck’s back, and got a ducky head-lock on by biting her on the back of the head.

Tuesday I got my bike ride in early, but my butt is still not used to the seat so I packed it in early and instead spent 12 hours in front of my computer at work snacking. Excellent alternative.

By Wednesday I realized that I’m already starting to get that “I don’t feel so fat and slow” feeling, where all that hard work of exercise starts to actually have benefits. So I biked all the way up to the mall… and got candy at Bulk Barn. Hey, it’s 10% off for students on Wednesdays, I’m weak!

Thursday I was moderately good as well, and the weather was great for a bike ride. However, I didn’t sleep well and was busy with work, so Friday didn’t see any exercise, and now I’m taking the weekend off as well (taxes, weather).

However, after spending a lot of late nights in the lab working on analysis in front of the computer (and all night Thursday), my back started spasming, and hasn’t stopped for 3 days now. So that’s going to limit any upper-body work for the next little while, but hopefully the biking will continue if the weather gets better (and there was snow on Saturday morning, so there’s lots of room to improve!).

3 Responses to “Tater’s Takes”

  1. wayfare Says:

    My sweet, innocent Tater. That wasn’t ducky fighting, that was ducky loooove. (Remember the two racoons that you thought were killing each other last spring? It’s just like that.)

  2. Netbug Says:

    “That one dog is trying to jump over that other dog. You can do it boy!”

    Thumbs up to the exercise.

    I still recommend using fitday.com for one week to monitor what you are consuming. It’s hard to know what to change when you don’t know where you are.

  3. Potato Says:

    No, this was definitely fighting. I’ve seen UFC, and these ducks had more headlocks and less groin touching.