G20 Anarchists

June 28th, 2010 by Potato

I can’t begin to get into the heads of the anarchists at the G20. I doubt many were local, so what good did they think they were doing by coming to our country and messing the place up? Cop cars on fire, windows smashed… it achieved nothing, and hurt completely innocent bystanders.

Many of the businesses who found their storefronts destroyed weren’t even all that close to the security zone. Some were independent shops, many others were franchises even if they had the logo of an “evil multinational” on their banner.

To try to undo some of the wrongs done by the anarchists, Wayfare is going to be shopping down Yonge, Queen, and College whenever she needs something that those stores provide (hopefully, not shopping for the sake of shopping) to support the stores that were victimized by the vandals.

I still don’t get why this event was held in Toronto. Huntsville was apparently deemed too small for the G20, even though the G8 fit there (they couldn’t find 12 more suites or even trailers? How big an entourage did the leaders really need?). We were talking about the cost and inconvenience for security (which obviously did not protect much of the city), and figured a small town could be purpose-built for such an event, or an island. Then we discussed why so much space (the convention centre) was needed — what about using a large portion of the money to build a facility on an island somewhere? Or why not hold it in a place like Davos, designed and equipped precisely for such summits?

2 Responses to “G20 Anarchists”

  1. Rez Says:

    “what good did they think they were doing by coming to our country and messing the place up”

    None. That’s kinda the point. Anarchy is the lack of rule. It’s a silly philosophy, if you ask me, and I’d bet good money that most of the anarchists were simply there to have some fun messing the place up.

  2. wayfare Says:

    “hopefully not shopping for the sake of shoppong”

    Hmm… so does this mean that I shouldn’t treat you to an ice cream at the Marble Slab that had its windows smashed?