JoCo/P&S Playlist

August 26th, 2010 by Potato

I was explaining my playlist at work today:

“This is a song about a mad scientist who is lonely, and builds himself a girlfriend.”

“This is a song about a giant squid who is lonely.”

“This one’s a love ballad from Charon to Pluto, trying to reassure and cheer up Pluto after we revoked its planet status.”

“This is a song about bedtime and how you long for the comfort of your trusty old teddy bear.”

“A whole song about Ikea! You guys all like Ikea.. for college kids and divorced men…”

“You know, sometimes, the world just wins, you know? It just fucking wins. Every. Goddamned. Time.”

“Uhh… Tater, are you trying to tell us something?”

No, I just like JoCo, ok?

Oh, fun human tricks!

So there’s this yoga pose that involves touching your nose to the ground without supporting yourself with your hands, and then sitting back up on your knees. It sounded impossible to me, but the girls say it’s super easy, and doesn’t require much back strength at all. So they do it: they kneel on the ground, with their bums right on their heels, then, with their hands behind their backs, lean forward and touch the ground gently with their nose, and then come back up. I’m amazed: it looks like magic, like that shouldn’t be possible. So they convince me to try it, and I realize why I think it should be impossible: because for a man, it is. My centre of gravity is high enough that when I start to lean over, it goes in front of my knees, and thud, I faceplant into the ground. Hard. A fun prank you can play on any male friend who doesn’t know better! (Or one who does, but is easily convinced to try stupid things that look like they should be impossible for him).

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