Scott Pilgrim vs The World

September 1st, 2010 by Potato

The geeky hilarity starts right with the Universal logo scroll, re-rendered in faux 8-bit style, complete with midi synth music.

It’s sweet, funny, entertaining, witty, makes plenty of gamer references, and of course, is full of fighting. To steal the best part of someone else’s review: You know how in musicals, people will just break out into song for no reason at all, just because it’s a musical and that’s what you do? This movie is like that, but with cartoon fights.

What’s not to love? Stop reading this and go see it already.

Rating: Awesome.
Favourite line: Jetpacks.
Fun fact: the coins are indeed Canadian coins.
Lesson learned: geeks do consider themselves in an exclusive relationship even when they’re not allowed out after dark and have only held hands. This was news to some of the “cool kids” who saw it.

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