Weird Camera Death

February 23rd, 2006 by Potato

My digital camera is dead, I think.

It’s kind of weird, it started shutting down with low battery errors on its Nickel Metal Hydride batteries even when fully charged after just one photo for a little bit now, so I figured that it was just the batteries developing a bad memory. But I tried a few different sets of brand new alkalines today, and they didn’t work either. So I’m thinking something is wrong with it, either with the battery sensor, or perhaps a short somewhere that’s draining the batteries badly, or maybe even some increased resistance somewhere that doesn’t tolerate a low charge in the batteries, not even a little.

So, looks like it’s probably time to start shopping for a new one. It was getting old anyway: it’s about 6 years old, which is downright ancient for a digital camera. It has the annoying shutter lag (a full second!), so I’m looking forward to one that might respond a bit (lot) faster.

As always, I’m open to suggestions while I shop.

One Response to “Weird Camera Death”

  1. Ben Says:

    I would make sure that the flash recharges quickly. That’s the only major complaint I have about my camera. But it’s a huge problem IMO. Every time I take a picture I have to wait a good 10-20 seconds for the flash to recharge so I can take the next picture, and it just gets worse and worse the more drained the batteries are. I doesn’t lend itself to spontaneous photography at all. And if I ever want a friend/stranger to take a picture of me, I generally have to “prime” the flash for them before I hand over the camera, otherwise they’ll just keep pressing the button and nothing will happen. I think that lithium batteries may be better for faster flash recharges, or perhaps Casio should have stuck to making calculators, not digital cameras…(and I should have known better than to buy a digital camera from a calculator company!)