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January 22nd, 2011 by Potato

Yeah, you can probably skip this post. Self-evident word game.

First 3 random words to make a post from: banana, lawnmower, turtle

haiku banana
no need for a lawnmower
turtle can do it

On many gas-powered lawn mowers there are usually two speed settings: turtle, and rabbit. Even on turtle though, you don’t want to slip on a banana: that would be most unpleasant.

If you want to blend a large number of bananas for banana bread, I don’t recommend putting them out in the yard in a big pile and trying to run the lawnmower over them: you’ll have little chunks of bananas flying everywhere, and before you know it you’ll have a turtle infestation. Though I suppose if they’re trained in the ninja arts, they might help you patrol the neighbourhood and keep down crime and/or super-villainy.

Of course you’d be just as likely to get monkeys… but with enough bananas and patience, you could perhaps get your monkeys to mow the lawn for you, if you locked the lawnmower into turtle mode — the last thing monkeys need is speed and (for them) heavy machinery, given their propensity towards mischief. And if we throw in actual turtles into the mix, well, let’s just say the expression “to be turtled” is a hilarious game to monkeys high on bananas and lawnmower fumes.

Next 3 random words: shipmate, tallow, gyre

months in a gyre
a hold full of tallow but
shipmates don’t use soap

I would have thought tallow to be mostly produced and consumed locally, not normally the thing that would fit with the other two nautical words for a haiku, but the spill in the Houston ship channel recently seems to indicate otherwise. I had to wonder though whether shipmates caught in an ocean gyre for an extended period of time could make tallow from what they had on hand, and it looks like they probably could if they had some lye (which I guess sailors would?).

One more set for tonight: personification, why, magic

winter is magic
cold personification
why hello snowman

Now with words like these, a blog post on who is the very personification of magic and why practically writes itself.

Here, I’ll get you started: NPH is the very personification of magic. Why? […]

Unrelated to the above: I <3 Molly Lewis. (and check out her haiku shirt in this one — I have that now ;)

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