Home Phone Ads

September 16th, 2008 by Potato

The ads for my home phone business have been getting just ridiculous lately. For a long time now, Rogers has been bombarding me with ads and phone calls to get me to switch. Today I got one from Bell; yesterday, one from Primus as well. In an average 5-day mailing week, I get about 5 home phone ads (4 of which are from Rogers). Even if those are only costing 20 cents for bulk admail, that’s something like $3+/mo they’re spending on ads to try to get my business, another $2 on telemarketers (assuming they make about $10/hr, and it’s easily 10 minutes/mo that they spend yakking at me). Ironically, if any one of them lowered their prices by $3-5/mo, I’d switch to them.

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