New Year’s Day, 2012

December 31st, 2011 by Potato

I was going through my archives, trying to find out exactly when I started BbtP, since it’s been lost to the fog of memory. I know when I first got the domain (November 2001), and when I first got the current incarnation running on WordPress (October 2005)… but all I could remember was that I started working on something approximating the current blog format — with regular updates — sometime in early undergrad (back then, it was all done in Notepad), and that the title dated back a year or two before then (the original concept involved more humour & creative writing and fewer parentheses). Well, I’ve found the answer: Potatomas break, 1998 is my oldest site backup. So this would be my 13th anniversary (or 14th, depending on how long the site languished with just a few html files and no backups). Let’s say 13th anyway. Hurray!

Now for a little retrospective.

What a hell of a year 2011 was.

I started off by looking at some alleged stock frauds, then by the middle of the year got caught up in one myself, losing a fair bit of money. We fought UBB and won. I realized that the internet is far more interested in a 1-minute photoshop filter of a panda bear than a year’s worth of thoughtful short-form writing. Japan was rocked by an earthquake and tsunami, but it’s the nuclear accident we remember. I wrote a book, and a guide for TD e-series. I wrote a lot more about real estate than I ever thought I could fit into one year. I had my first problem with the Prius.

I got my doctorate.

2012 will likely be even bigger, as I’m going to have to find a new job. And we’re expecting our first child in the spring!!!!11one!!

So you know that of course, things are going to change around here. I’m going to have to round off and pad all the sharp corners on the theme, and all future posts are going to become exclusively about cleaning up puke, stroller reviews, and complaining about sleep deprivation. Which is fitting, seeing as how the site started as a result of (and complaining about) severe sleep deprivation.

Here’s to a great 2012, everyone!

One Response to “New Year’s Day, 2012”

  1. Mike Holman Says:

    Congrats on the baby potato!

    You’ll love being a father – or more accurately, you’ll learn to love it. :)