PC Organics Chocolate

February 18th, 2009 by Potato

PC Financial has had* a deal on where you could get 5000 PC points for purchasing any organics or blue menu item. That’s a pretty sweet deal, since 5000 PC points is worth about $5, and there was no minimum purchase, so you could buy a $2 organics chocolate bar (which I did) and get paid to eat.

Unfortunately, that PC Organics chocolate was pretty nasty. It was billed as “European style rich milk chocolate” but it wasn’t yummy at all. It just wasn’t sweet, kind of like baker’s chocolate. However, it didn’t have the bitter rich cocoa that some dark chocolate lovers go for either (not surprising since it was milk chocolate).

I don’t know how they managed to make chocolate not tasty, maybe it’s the lack of fertilizers or whatever, but I’d give this one a pass if you’re looking for a PC Organics product to get for free.

* – Oddly enough, the banner ads for “get 5000 PC points on blue menu items” are still around, but they’ve killed the link for the actual coupon, so if you try to get it now you’ll just be stuck in a loop on the website. While no one else can get the coupon now, as far as I can tell they’re still honouring it in-store.

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