Hatred Across the Size Scale

May 4th, 2010 by Potato

Seriously, centipedes: WTF?

PS: I need to start springing for blank paper instead of doodling on the backs of other things.

PPS: Fun with Texting

If you send a text message from your cell phone to a landline (which obviously can’t properly receive text messages), instead of bouncing it, the phone company will have a robot read out your text message.

Sometimes, I like to text people’s landlines, and have the robot say “death to humans” in the middle of the message.

One Response to “Hatred Across the Size Scale”

  1. wayfare Says:

    I’m still saving the “death to humans” message you sent me on my answering machine. It makes me smile and think of you.

    I think our notion of ‘romantic’ may be broken.