November 23rd, 2005 by Potato

Welcome to the recipes section! Below is a list of recipes available. You can leave comments on specific recipes on their respective pages, or general cooking comments on this one. If you do try one of my recipes, please leave me a note in the comments! The comments are completely anonymous if you want them to be, so please don’t be shy.

    Chocolate Brownie Cookies

    Chocolate Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Cinnamon Rolls

    Gingerbread Cookies

    Peanut Butter Balls

    Basic Dough (Pizza or Bread)

    Belgian Waffles


    Potato Latkas

    Cucumber Salsa

Gluten-free cooking

After Wayfare was diagnosed with celiac disease, coming up with gluten free alternatives has become a priority. We’ve had some really good store-bought alternatives… and some real stinkers. For now, I’ve been coming up with my own substitutions by instinct and trial-and-error, not trusting some of the gluten-free recipes out there (some of them aim to do too much at once, such as reducing fat or increasing fibre over a conventional recipe at the same time as trying to get rid of gluten… others have cocktails of a half dozen different ingredients to try to eliminate wheat flour, which is pretty tough to keep fresh and stocked up). Soon though, you may see some of my own variations on commercially available recipes, or some of my aunt’s.

2 Responses to “Recipes”

  1. netbug Says:

    Nto really a solution, but you could change the order on the right to put the recipes at the bottom so they don’t push the other stuff away.

  2. Wayfare Says:

    How come cucumber salsa is here but no oatmeal chocolate chip cookies?!?