URL Keeper

November 26th, 2005 by Potato

Hi guys, I’ve had a few people mention this, so I figured I’d say something about it.

The company I have my domain registered with (Domain Direct, formerly part of Rogers/Excite before Rogers merged with Yahoo) simply offers domain forwarding, so when you type in www.holypotato.com it sends you to IP/blog where IP is the current IP address of my server. That’s not very appealing, so I enabled a function called “URL Keeper” that keeps the holypotato.com up in the address bar. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work the way I’d like, so it doesn’t put up the subpage addresses (like IP/blog/2.php) , and worse yet, if you click on an external link that opens in the same window, it’ll keep the address for my site there.

It’s not perfect by any means, so I’m thinking of taking it off and just letting the IP get thrown up there. Go ahead and use the comments page on this post to vote for that one way or another. Also, if anyone knows how to properly register my server’s IP (or IP/blog) as holypotato.com instead of using this URL Keeper thing, I’d be interested in hearing it!

One Response to “URL Keeper”

  1. Netbug Says:

    I use domain direct for http://www.netbug.net.

    Just let it put up the IP. You notice when you go to http://www.netbug.net it redirects to the precisionsportscar.com domain.

    Doesn’t bother me and it makes browsing easier.