Cover Design Update

September 24th, 2014 by Potato

I had originally scheduled a minor reveal post today where I was going to tell you all the amazing title of my amazing new book and provide an amazing (-ly short, for me) synopsis, to start building something I’m told is called “buzz.” Big with bees, I hear. Anyway, in talking with some people about that the point was raised that maybe I should keep totally silent until the book is actually available for pre-order (rather than the pre-pre-order state it’s in now where you email me and I add a mark to my tally to guess how big to make the initial print run). I think I will explode if I wait that long, so I’ll probably just end up publishing that reveal post tomorrow anyway.

I got the first drafts of the cover concepts back from my artist today and I’m quite impressed. There was a concept that some people liked because it really said “this book is about doing stuff with money.” But it was the first one I threw out because it was so generic. The one I immediately decided was the one is a bit different, which I hope means that it will stand out on the shelf and make people pick it up. Hopefully only another week or so then until I can swap out the teaser image on the right with the actual cover (unless I listen to reason and wait until pre-orders open).

I still haven’t set a firm date to take PSGtDIYI out of publication yet. Expect that it will happen suddenly on the same day that (firm) pre-orders open for the new book.

I’ve had to enter pricing information to get my ISBN* and UPC code, which means I had to decide on pricing without having a proper public hand-wringing about it. I can still change it, but I think I’ve settled on going a little bit cheaper than most of the books out there (which have a list price of $19.95 but actually sell in the mid-high teens). I went with what looks like an odd price, so that with HST (5% on books) it will come out to an even dollar amount if you’re paying cash. I don’t really know how much something like that might phase people (or please them). I also don’t know whether being a few dollars under the $19.95 cluster is attractive or gives off a “stinky kind of cheap” aura.

* I have an ISBN assigned. Several, actually! Squee!

3 Responses to “Cover Design Update”

  1. Netbug Says:

    Whoohoo! :)

  2. Alicia Says:

    I love it when transactions round to whole numbers, so if that makes you feel any better, I approve of a weird price.

  3. Potato Says:

    I was hoping there would be more people who appreciate a round after-tax figure than a nearly-round pre-tax figure. Also, I like to think that nobody is fooled into thinking a book at $19.95 is somehow much less than $20 and it’s only momentum that keeps prices that way, and it’s time to put that to an experimental test (which also means I need to somehow launch the book at $19.95 in some control bookstores).