Book Anniversary and 1000 Sales!

November 30th, 2015 by Potato

The anniversary of the release of The Value of Simple is tomorrow, and I’m excited to say that it has just rolled past 1000 sales!

I honestly didn’t think it would hit that point and hadn’t written anything ahead of time, so in brief: hurray! I can’t believe it’s come this far, especially given how much I suck at marketing. I love seeing all those positive reviews and people referring it to their friends, and that even after a few months it’s still fully checked out at the various library systems that have it across the country, with a backlog of holds in Toronto and Vancouver!

In the meantime, I’ve been working on something that I knew would take forever and is taking even longer — I thought maybe if I pulled a few all-nighters I could get it out for the close of Financial Literacy Month (today), and now I see it’s going so slow I may have to re-think the whole idea.

Speaking of Financial Literacy Month: hey, if you’ve just learned how to budget and save your money, why not check out The Value of Simple, a really easy-to-use guide that will help you take the next step to investing that money you’re now saving?

And speaking of holidays, it also makes a great gift. So many people out there could use a little more financial literacy and investing how-to, but may not even know to look for it themselves. And it’s slightly more exciting than socks (there’s a bunny in it!). If you’re just looking to pick up a copy for a gift then there are lots of ways to do that. Both Amazon and Indigo have been discounting it online (if you buy enough other things to qualify for free shipping, it’s actually cheaper for you than buying from me directly), so that may be the way to go as long as those price cuts hold. If you want a signed copy though you’ll have to order directly from me. The last day to order and expect Canada Post regular delivery* in time for xmas is December 16 (December 17 for Ontario addresses) — the retailers will have their own shipping cut-off deadlines.

* – XPressPost cut-off would be Dec 21, but that will cost $17 extra — more than the book itself!

2 Responses to “Book Anniversary and 1000 Sales!”

  1. My Own Advisor Says:

    Congrats John – well done :)

  2. Potato Says:

    Thanks Mark!