Life With An Evil Genius

June 20th, 2006 by Potato

I work with an Evil Genius, it’s clear now. Look at what they did to the desk of the girl who won the best speaker prize while we were away. Just marvel at it! I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time I was at work today, and it’s just going to be awesome to watch her take her revenge on these guys.

An amazing prank covering her desk with newspaper

Note the attention to detail: they individually wrapped all the levers on the desk chair. The lightswitches were wrapped in such a way as to still be functional. The nozzle on the hand cream pump was very elegantly wrapped; the airconditioner and its cord were wrapped, as were the coat hangars. Everything inside the desk drawer (including the interior of the drawer) was wrapped. There’s even a circle you can see where an elastic band had been covered. What I love most is the Kleenex box on her shelf, with the newspaper coming out the top, it’s so artistic I well up a little just thinking about it.

I’m totally hiring these guys to wrap my Potatomas presents.

Marvel at the detailed wrapping on the shelf

Marvel at the detailed wrapping inside the drawer

This prank also made me realize how very terrible my digital camera is. Even with a well-lit room and standing remarkably still, I got motion blur with most of the pictures I took.

4 Responses to “Life With An Evil Genius”

  1. Baum Says:


  2. rez Says:

    I can only see 64 colours when I surf from work (don’t ask), but even from what I can make out I am REALLY impressed. I’m sure I’ll be even more amazed when I check out the pics from home.

  3. Netbug Says:

    That’s really impressive. They should try saran wrap next time. It’s sticky and annoying. :P

    Not quite as environmentally sound though I guess…

    I still ilke the pic I cound of the guy cubicle where they had saran wrapped off the entrance and filled it to the brim with those packing styrofoam things.

  4. Potato Says:

    Well, it’s all cleaned up now. There was lot of paper thrown around, but not as much as I had thought there would be. It didn’t take quite as long to tear apart as I would have thought, either.