Click To Enlarge

September 19th, 2006 by Potato

I’m really pissed off at a few online stores and their “click to enlarge” links. Usually, a click to enlarge link is present because they’re using a thumbnail that’s too small to see anything on, so you want to enlarge the image to see more. So logical it hurts. Usually, the enlarged image appears in a pop-up window, sometimes it replaces the screen you’re viewing at the moment. But the key factor is that the image should be larger than the one you were just looking at.

I was just shopping at for some Halloween stuff, and saw that they had a Zombie Pirate makeup kit, which sounds just perfect. The thumbnail image is 100×80 pixels. So, of course, I clicked to enlarge… and a window popped up with an image that was 135×104 pixels. It was so small (and in a new window) that I at first thought the “enlarged” image was simply the original thumbnail again. But, oh no, it was technically a larger image, but by such a small margin that I have to wonder why they bothered. It just pisses me off.

What else pisses me off? Taking 3 days to write a course syllabus and prepare a few lectures to find out that you’re not getting paid for the course (or rather, that “you’re already being paid”). My first class today went fairly well (except, of course, that it took the full 2 hours and I really was hoping to end the first one early). The rest, I doubt, will go as smoothly, because if I’m not getting paid for it, I really don’t feel like spending my weekends & evenings preparing. I’ve got a thesis/research to do (and already too much of that!).

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