The Big C

June 18th, 2018 by Potato

Yeah, I’ve been silent a while. Long story short, my dad got sick and I had to take him to the hospital. That was two and a half weeks ago. Turns out the root cause of the problem that sent him there was cancer, which is always a scary thing to hear. But it’s looking like it’s operable (or in my dad’s words, “good cancer”), and this is his third go-round with the Emperor of All Maladies, so he’s taking it in stride (or at least with a brave face). He’s got his RBCs back up and is on his feet again, so despite a rough week in the hospital and now a surgery to look forward to, things are actually getting back to normal.

Of course, I had to wait until that point before saying anything to make sure most of my relatives and my parents’ friends were able to find out from them directly, rather than reading about it on the blog.

As for me, I don’t recall eating particularly poorly, but stress eating is a thing I suck at. I was doing mostly ok on the weightloss front up until this, but unless I turn things around in the next two weeks for quarter-end weigh-in, I’m likely going to end up higher than last check-in.

Anyway, father’s day was great. Blueberry and I watched almost 3 hours of the Magic Schoolbus (or she watched while I snoozed, because I definitely didn’t go into that with a plan for 3 hours of “screen time”), she played with garbage and claimed it was “the best day ever!”, I got 4 loads of laundry done, and she gave me cupcakes. I’m not really selling it here, but I really, really like being a daddy, and it’s a good time to stop and reflect on that.

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  1. Stock Market Speculator Says:

    Sorry to hear that John, My Dad was also diagnosed with cancer last week. He’s 87 and has refused surgery so will let nature take it’s course.:(
    All the best going through this, life huh!