Caffeine-Free Coke

November 5th, 2006 by Potato

So about 2 years ago or so, I bought a case of caffeine-free Coke, though I have no idea why. I drank about half the case, and really noticed the taste difference. The rest ended up under the sink for a very long time. One or two exploded (or so I thought) quite some time ago. I cleaned up the mess, and for reasons that escape me now, put the intact cans back under the sink.

Now that we’re moving, we’re poking around under there again, and two more cans have leaked. The weird thing is, they didn’t explode, and they didn’t have any punctures in them. They just… leaked… a little. The cans were still mostly full, but some sticky, nasty caffeine-free Coke escaped its aluminum prison and made a mess of the cupboards (it dissolved the paint!). It really disturbs me how it was able to apparantly leech through the can over time like that. It’s all the more unsettling that most of the Coke still stayed in the can.

So from now on I’m going to stick to the old-fashioned stuff with proper caffeine.

I also played some more MechCommander 2 this weekend. It’s a fun (old) game, and there are some decent user-created maps and extensions out there. I think I’m done with it now, and uninstalled it. I haven’t had much time for gaming, and probably won’t with the move coming up, but I’m still trying to think of what I want to get next. I still haven’t played through Civ IV: Warlords much, but I think that’s largely because it’s the sort of game that needs a whole weekend devoted to it. I’m pretty sure I’ll hit that pretty hard around Christmas though, if anyone else wants to try some multiplayer. In the meantime, someone at work pointed me to Star Trek: Legacy which won’t be released for a few more weeks yet… One thing I know is that I won’t be spending my free time trying to partake in NaNoWriMo, no sir.

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