November 7th, 2006 by Potato

There’s this girl in my lab who came in when I was out defending my thesis over the summer and kind of laid claim to my lab space, everything got rearranged, and it’s been a little annoying to have to adjust. But now, all is forgiven, for it turns out she’s the freaking heiress to the Vachon/Hostess empire! She came in this week with a crate of Jo Louis, 1/2 Moon, and assorted other snack cakes and the like. A box about a foot high and easily 2×2′ in area, filled to the brim with disgusting sugary treats (though some of them were granola-y treats, which isn’t quite the same). On second thought, maybe her dad’s just a store manager or something, it was hard to pay attention to the details with that much chocolate staring me in the eye.

It’s strange, having that much food in front of you. You can say no to them when they’re for sale in a grocery store. If someone brings in a dozen Jo Louis for a snack at a meeting, you can still turn them down even if they’re for free. But when there’s a crate of them, it’s like the sugar reaches critical mass and just overloads your decision making process and you have to take at least 3 or 4 or else where’s all of it going to go?

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