Eww… ice cubes

February 17th, 2007 by Potato

I just went to get some ice cubes for my drink, which around here is pretty rare. So, the frost free freezer, with its cycles of temporary heat, had evaporated (sublimated?) almost all the ice out of my ice cube tray. The few, shrunken ice cubes that were left were dirty. Eww, that’s just not right. Ice cubes shouldn’t get getting dirty in the freezer, especially not in one I fully cleaned out in December.

I haven’t had a chance to tell all my stories from the trip out to PEI, and I’m not quite sure I want to. But I do want to mention that it is traditional, perhaps universally so, to send food to mourners. Perhaps because food can be very comforting to our ape-brains, perhaps to spare us from having to cook for ourselves, or perhaps just because practically every get-together/tradition involves food in some way and it would just be wrong to not bring something. Anyhow, there was so much food waiting for us at my grandfather’s house after the visitation. The food was piling up at the front door, with more people stopping by with more as we were eating. Any flat, unsuspecting place that stood still long enough accumulated food. The kitchen table and counters, naturally, were nearly overflowing. A folding table set up in the living room accumulated food along with the coffeetable; some food even found its way on top of the TV. The stove had a few pots on it to keep warm, and then someone else came along and started piling food up between the pots. What I found hilarious though is that the washer and dryer were covered in food.

Food was everywhere, even on the washer and dryer

This of course meant that everyone had to eat in their laps with their good clothes on…

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