Mustang Pizza

October 29th, 2007 by Potato

It was kind of a shock when Eastown Pizza closed down, as they had some pretty good, fairly unique pizza (though it was a little pricey for the university crowd). Shortly after they closed, a new joint opened up in their space by the campus: Mustang Pizza. I was hoping that they managed to get some of the equipment and recipes from the bankruptcy, and that I could still get Eastown pizza, just under a new name. It’s been a few months, but I finally went out and gave them a try tonight.

Oh my god, they are terrible. I was quite hungry after rushing around to send off a grant today, and I couldn’t even finish a slice, it was just that bad. The crust had a decent flavour, but was far too thin to support the rest of the pizza (bring a spoon), and was very, very soggy. The worst part by far though was the cheese. It was basically cheese slice cheese. It gooped up far more than pizzeria cheese should, and stuck to my fingers when I tried to pick a bit off. This thing was drowning in this terrible cheese, there was about twice as much cheese as there was crust.

So, heed my warning and stay away from Mustang Pizza.

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