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November 21st, 2005 by Potato

In case you hadn’t noticed, I need help with the site.

The hosting solution I have now will likely be temporary at best (and if it’s not temporary, then it may be sporadic — I’ve got to update the DNS forwarding manually, so there will likely be downtime any time the host IP changes). So, assuming a more permanent hosting solution presents itself, how do I migrate all the stuff I have here? Can I somehow transfer the MySQL database over, and then the rest is just a matter of the upload directory for the html, php, and image files? Or will I have to set up a new database and cut/paste my posts over?

Also, I know in the editor mode for wordpress, I can use html coding for styles, and there are buttons at the top of the editor to apply style brackets… but I don’t recognize most of them. Like ins, ul, ol, li, more…

And the dream help would be an animator and some voice talent to really compete with the old Strongbadian Emails…

3 Responses to “Backend Help”

  1. rez Says:


    It looks good. Now keep it updated with posts and you’ll have some very happy customers.

    I have never looked into migrating mySQL databases, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of exporting the data and then importing into the new database. All the other stuff (images, HTML, PHP, CSS, etc.) files can just be copied over.

    I have never used wordpress, but the tags you mention are:
    INS: insert (text enclosed in INS tags is marked as an editorial insertion/update. Browsers usually show it as underlined text and it is typically used with the DEL tag to show changes made to a document)
    UL: unordered list (i.e. bulletted list. This tag encloses the whole list.)
    OL: ordered list (i.e. numbered list. This tag encloses the whole list.)
    LI: list item (each point/item on the list is enclosed in this tag)

    If you’re looking for a pay hosting service, I recommend When I researched reliable, inexpensive hosts with all the features I wanted lunarpages came out on top. If you decide to go with them let me know. I think I get a bonus for referrals. :)

    1) get rid of the spartan explanation page that pops up when you first go to
    2) shrink the evil and holy potato images (the holy one gets cut off by the floating margin at lower screen resolutions)
    3) the green and red text is hard to read. Maybe brighten them up a bit.

  2. Netbug Says:

    I aggree with the Rez there, and yes, you can simply export the data from the database using whatever interface tool you use to manage it.

    As for hosting, is what I use. Love them.

    Did you create this theme yourself? I really don’t like the bland one one but I’m too busy leveling a character to change it. :P

    Edited by Potato: Bug had a typo in his URL. It’s

  3. netbug Says:

    One other comment… the header, on I just gave up on the text and removed the title and slogan fromt he page and made a nice image.

    If I ever get really bored, I might create an animated JPG for it…

    If I ever get really really bored, I’d create a nice little flash menu up there.