Cookie For Your Comments?

January 12th, 2006 by Potato

It’s been a recurring theme here, but it bears repeating: I have no idea what to do about hosting. Something that would go a long way towards helping me make my decision would be an idea of how many people use this site; a census of sorts. So I’m asking everyone who hasn’t already left a comment to please leave me one just so I know how many unique users there are. If you’re shy, you can email me at holypotato at gmail instead. Or, you can leave a comment with 3 or more URLs in it, which will then cause it to be caught by my spam filter. I can from there delete it without anyone seeing it.

To encourage you, I’m going to offer a cookie to anyone who leaves a comment to this post. I’m assuming, of course, that right now I’ve only got a small handful of readers located in a small geographic area (that is, friends of mine, or friends of friends). If it’s not feasible to get a cookie to you (or if you wish to remain pseudoanonymous, which I totally understand), then perhaps we can work out some other form of cheap-as-free incentive.

Edit: yes, a real sugary cookie, not some truly worthless tracking file in your web browser.

On to other matters: Kraft Dinner.

It really deserves it’s very own post, but I’ve been wondering lately why I like it so much, and couldn’t wait to author a proper post. It’s so artificial, and it’s not even all that cheap any more (the logs now run at just about a dollar, and the fancy white cheese, spirals, and three cheese flavours all top $1.50). But I love it any way. Not a month goes by where I don’t have a pot, and usually more like once a week. My cat likes it, too, which only strikes me as a little bit strange. What’s really weird though, is that I hate macaroni and cheese, by which I’m referring to that casserole stuff with real macaroni noodles and honest-to-goodness cheddar cheese baked on top.

6 Responses to “Cookie For Your Comments?”

  1. netbug Says:

    What kind of cookie?

    I’m really crazing a peanut butter one right now…

  2. netbug Says:


  3. Robin Says:

    Kraft Dinner rocks my world. I’m lucky if I get through a day without making some. And I’ve found a store that sell them for 50 cents a box…not too shabby.

  4. rez Says:

    Back up a bit. You don’t consider $1 cheap for a meal? I’d be a rich man if meals only cost $1. I don’t like KD, but I do like real mac and cheese (in the casserole dish and whatnot). As you said, KD is just…artificial.

    Cookies I do enjoy, however.

  5. Potato Says:

    I should rephrase. It is not as cheap as it used to be, and in my mind, has jumped one rung from the class of absolute cheapest meals that won’t make you sick to perhaps the next rung up, on par with spaghetti and tomato sauce. So, it’s not at that staples/subsistence level of cheap any more (down there with potatoes, rice, and bananas). You are right though: even though it’s doubled in price in the last 10 years or so, it’s still a very economical meal :)

    Note that I haven’t acutally calculated the exact cost of some of the other meals, so this is purely a matter of perceptions for me. I have a sinking feeling that — now that you’ve said it — you will be completely correct and KD will remain one of the cheapest meals in my cupboard.

  6. rez Says:

    If I comment twice like Bug do I get another cookie?

    I’ve thought about it, and I think I might give KD another chance. I did some searching and found that about half of Canadian KD consumers add extra ingredients to their KD. I might like KD with some ground beef and veggies added. I will try it this weekend.

    I currently prefer instant ramen for a cheap, easy to prepare meal. I often add ingredients to my ramen like sliced beef, ginger, and garlic. An alternative like KD with added goodies would be a welcome change sometimes, though.

    Now where are my cookies?