Tire Trouble

May 22nd, 2008 by Potato

Well, my Nokian WRs were fantastic this winter, with a huge improvement in traction over the all-seasons I was using before. I only had my wheels spin even a little just twice through the whole winter, whereas before wheelspin was at least a weekly occurrence (if only a minor split-second loss of traction at an icy stop) when the weather was particularly nasty. As spring is setting in and the warmer weather returns I’m not finding any issues with the tires being too soft or sloppy, though the real hot weather hasn’t hit yet. As I first reported, they are a bit noisier on the turns, but it doesn’t bother me at all.

In addition to recommending the tire, I’d also recommend Kal Tire, the store that I got them from. Just a few days ago, I hit a bump or pothole or something, and heard a strange bouncing ball type ringing noise from the back of the car. It didn’t happen again, so I didn’t pay it much heed… until today when I found out I had a bulge in my sidewall. Their warranty is going to take care of it, and the experience in dealing with them has been pretty good so far. They didn’t have another Nokian WR in stock in my size, and I said I had to drive to Toronto tomorrow. Rather than let me risk driving on a tire that has a compromised sidewall, they put on a used tire (which is worn down, but still legal and in good shape otherwise) free of charge to get me around until my new Nokian arrives next week. At that point, I’ll have to pay a bit for the replacement since the warranty is pro-rated and I’ve got about 6000 km on the tire now, but it should only be about $10 or so, and they’ll do the mounting for free (I believe — we’ll see for sure next week!).

3 Responses to “Tire Trouble”

  1. Ben Says:

    I’m always amazed to hear stories of good customer service like that. It’s always nice to be treated like you should, not like a pain in the ass who came back with a tire under warranty. Sounds like a good place to go for tires.

  2. Potato Says:

    Yeah, they were quite friendly and reasonable about the whole thing, and even reassured me that it would all be handled by the warranty except for a “small charge for the pro-rated”. I didn’t even have to dig out my receipt or anything (though I might have to do that when I actually pay for the tire next week).

    Also, this is post #500 according to the URL, but it’s not actually my 500th post — a few numbers along the way were squandered on drafts and behind-the-scenes pages that I use to help me organize the blog.

  3. Potato Says:

    Well, the tire repair was slightly more expensive than I had thought: they charged $15 for the installation that I wasn’t expecting, but considering they hooked me up with a decent spare for the week while I waited for the matching tire to come in it was pretty reasonable.