January 20th, 2006 by Potato

I’ve been getting into fan edits of movies lately. The Star Wars ones in particular have been fantastic; partly due to the fact that I am predestined to love any version of them no matter what editing takes place, and partly because Lucas did such a sloppy job on the prequel trilogy that there’s lots of room for improvement. The Phantom Menace (renamed “A Vergence in the Force”) is a great movie when you take out the few lines of dialogue relating to midichlorians (keep the mystic Force mystic, thanks… or at least don’t make it quite so lame), and some of the extraneous slapstick with Jar-Jar and other minor characters. Putting some deleted scenes back in helps too (such as the planning for the counterattack on Naboo, where we learn that taking out the droid control ship might just incapacitate the army… rather than having it blow up and the droids shut down. It’s still a pretty lame way to wrap the movie up quickly, and if I had the CGI abilities, I’d prefer to have the Naboo fighters do strafing runs to support the Gungans and defeat the droids legit). Even the opening crawl was cleaned up a bit.

Anyway, I just saw this trailer for “Shining” and while it’s only a minute long, it’s absolutely brilliant. I strongly encourage you all to give it a look (and while you’re at it, imagine what the audience reaction would be like if they went to watch the movie based on this trailer. Sort of reminds me of the misdirection with trailers from the Village).

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