Dandelion Snow

June 11th, 2009 by Potato

I was woken up this morning at 10 am by a knocking at the door. Crawling out of bed to answer it, I found a confused woman “This… this isn’t the Erskine house, is it?”

Damned Erskines, we keep getting their mail — same street number, one block away, both streets start with the same letter, and their postal code is only one (very similar looking) letter off of ours. Of course, I bring their mail up to them, but they’ve never had to re-deliver our stuff. I haven’t noticed anything missing, but I would be surprised if the mail was never lost in the other direction.

Now we’re getting their visitors, too!

Damned Erskines.

After slacking off for a (busy, rainy) week, I finally managed to hit the bike trails today on a lovely June evening. I managed to hit 10 k fairly easily, which made me feel good — hopefully I’ll have some time to rent a bike while on vacation and keep up with it. The dandelion fluff was sailing through the air, rather heavily in parts — like dandelion snow (which, BTW, WMAGNFARB — a Dave Barryism that has suddenly become very important in our world as all the names I can think of for Rock Band names are taken on Xbox Live).

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