Alice in Wonderland

April 4th, 2010 by Potato

I thought it was quite enjoyable. Wayfare managed to put her tongue on exactly what it was about this version — it’s not just that it’s a Tim Burton re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass, it’s that it’s a new version with at least the skeletal outline of a plot. Many of the previous versions (and, I’m lead to believe, the books themselves though I haven’t read them) consist simply of one dream-like sequence after another, with no overall connecting threads. That’s supposedly on purpose, since it’s supposed to be dream-like, but it’s not as rewarding for the audience to consume as a movie.

Aside from that, I thought that some of the CG was a over-done (the Hatter’s eyes), but otherwise enjoyed it all. I loved it when the Cheshire Cat started kneading the hat, that was so perfectly cat-like, and Anne Hathaway was full of awesome as the White Queen. In fact, she may be the source of all awesomeness within Wonderland.

We saw the movie in 2D, and at no point did I say to myself “You know, I really wish I had paid more for this so I could wear funny glasses and see that part appear to jump out at me and then leave with a headache.”

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