Little Known Facts About Calories

August 16th, 2010 by Potato

Calories can be scary things sometimes. Many people let them rule their lives, obsessively counting and studying the calories in their food. But, there are many little known facts about calories that you can use to master them.

This series of helpful videos will give any would-be dieter the information they need to come up with a reason to eat the foods they love, and would be denied by other diets. Enjoy!


I could not for the life of me make the programming to have a play/pause button within the flash animation work, so I gave up and exported the movies, then uploaded them to YouTube, which I then embedded here. Far messier than it needed to be, but it works. I wanted to dive in and get some animation going while I was in the mood, and didn’t want to spend my 15-day trial with Flash just learning how to program properly, psssh. Some of this may be clunky as a result, as I was just trying to kludge my way through making Flash do what I wanted it to do. I figured I used Hypercard, how different could Flash be? The answer: very. What I found really frustrating was that I would do the same thing at different times, and I would get different results. One particularly frustrating thing was when I tried to make a part rotate. I’d set the pivot point, do the rotate graphic, and it’d work fine. Then, I’d do it again, and instead of rotating as I expected, it would try to do a 3D-esque out-of-plane warp/rotate animation, which was just ridiculous.

Photo credits: The food pictures were both taken from Wikimedia commons:

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  1. Rachelle Says:

    Thank you!

    After years of steadily expanding, I finally understand why!