November 26th, 2005 by Potato

Wow, I think I’ve just experienced what must be the worst pain in the world (or the worst pain I’ve ever had).

I woke up this morning and everything was hunky-dory… then bam! out of no where I get hit with this huge pain in my back and side. It was so bad I threw up (thankfully I hadn’t eaten since dinner last night). Wayfare was very worried about me, and asked if we should go to the hospital. I said yep, grab your stuff and call a cab. Which gives you an indication of how bad this was — I’m usually a wait and see and don’t bother the healthcare system kinds of guy (see my stroke suspicion below).

So we get to the hospital and we get really lucky, as emerg. is practically empty. I get to see the triage nurse right away, who tells me I probably have a kidney stone. After some more throwing up, they take me back to get an IV hooked up and take my history and stuff. Even more lucky, I got a private room (shortly thereafeter, I’m told emerg filled up, and everyone else got put into those large rooms with curtains dividing them.

Eventually they give me some drugs for the pain, and some gravol for the nausea, at which point I start drifting in and out of consciousness (mostly in, as it still hurt pretty bad with the drugs, just not quite the worst pain in the world). Then I had to go up for an ultrasound. There was a class of kinesiology students there watching me, trying to come up with ways of improving the ergonomics of the system. Unfortunately, they wanted to take an image with a full bladder, which I just couldn’t do, it was hurting and I kept needing to go to the washroom.

Anyhow, in my mind this took about an hour or two, and when they finally got me back down to emerg., I immediately asked if they could let Wayfare in to see me, as I’m sure she was worried sick. Turns out it had taken more like 4 hours and she was about ready to bust the door down and come a looking! (She also managed to read through every magazine they had down there). After that, I spent about another hour in emerg while they wrote me a perscription for codeine, checked my blood pressure a few more times, and went over the ultrasound results.

So right now I’m in a lot of pain and doped up, so a big apology to those who I said I’d meet on the weekend — I’m not going to make it.

As for the rest of you (well, the first group’s included too) I hope you never have to deal with a kidney stone!

Oh, I almost forgot: the thing that made me feel really old was the fact that my doctor was the same age as me. Damn, Doogie!

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  1. netbug Says:


    No wait.

    ya… ow.

    And thanks for sharing! :P

    And I have a question… why does my browser retain the http://www.holypotato.com url when I click on the links to the right? Man that’s annoying. Just set the target to a new window.

  2. netbug Says:


    You have recipes! Was that an addon? I want that. Gimme!